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Lightning House Players wants to thank and acknowledge the following people for their generous donations (as well as those who donated anonymously and privately)! We would not be able to present The Glassblower’s Daughter without their support. Please accept our most heart-felt appreciation for your support. Thank you!

While this campaign ended on Sunday, Oct 25, you can still support our on-going efforts to create uplifting theater and storytelling events.

Click the link to be redirected to our general support page on the Fractured Atlas website.


Governor’s Circle (minimum $500 donation)

Pamela Slate-Schleicher


Captain’s Crew (minimum $100 donation)

Laura Auricchio

Louis Auricchio

Niels Krejci

Marianna Krejci-Papa

Susan O’Loughlin

Virginia Stevens

Taylor Stilson


Troupe Group (minimum $50 donation)

Zareh Artinian, Sr.

Linda Buttimer

Ross Fenske

Paul  Ivanoff III

Robyn Matzke

Julie Richardson

Anaïs Salibian

EC Salibian

Charsie Sawyer

Irl Smith

Lorraine Streib

Amanda Watters

Member of the Colony (minimum $20 donation)

J. L. Bell

Courtney Bent

Michael and Nomi Burstein

Kimberly Dauber

Toby Dewey

Greg Nahabedian

Darlene Pietzak

Janet Stanton

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